Temecula Firearms Dealer

Our team consists of all firearm enthusiasts that are very well trained, versed, & knowledgable in the firearms and ammunition industry. We greatly appreciate our loyal customers and we assure complete customer satisfaction.

We’re located in Temecula, CA at the corner of Winchester Road and Enterprise Circle South.

We Specialize In Ammunition

We specialize in ammunition focusing on providing quality products to shooters at some of the best prices in Temecula. We offer a great variety of factory loaded target & self defense ammunition as well as many hard to find surplus ammunition. We strictly sell through our physical store, and gun shows. West Coast Ammo has established itself as an elite ammo dealer upheld by our strong values & high standards of excellence.

Expert Gunsmith Services

Our staff provides complete gunsmith services to help rebuild old guns or build custom firearms. We can help you choose the right parts and guide you through each step of the process. We have a large inventory or parts on-hand but we can also special order anything you may need.

Reloading Supplies And Equipment

We stock a wide range of reloading supplies and equipment inside our Temecula location. Our supplies inventory includes reloading bullets, reloading powders, reloading brass, reloading primers, and shotshells. Our equipment inventory includes priming tools, case preparation, reloading presses, reloading dies, case cleaning, ammunition boxes, bench accessories and more.

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